Thursday, 14 October 2010

A walk and a half

I am absolutely shattered after a seriously major walk this morning.

I've told you before, despite what you might think we greyhounds really don't have much stamina, although we DO love the companionship of a walk with our loved ones. loved one this morning, a.k.a. the Lady Of The House, showed that her sense of direction has slipped somewhat since she won her Pathfinders badge in the Girl Guides (light years ago, I understand).

Stepping out in the crispy, fresh morning (after a hard evening watching The Apprentice) she got tempted to dodge down paths where we had never ventured before and had to admit in the end that she'd got a bit lost.
Admit it - we are lost
We found ourselves walking alongside the Trent and Mersey canal at one point, which we know runs through our village but then we weren't sure which way we were heading.
I think it's this way
The L O T H kept her head though and eventually we were back on familiar territory. Wake me up when it's time for dinner.

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